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Exterior siding is one of the most important decisions homeowners face when building new or remodeling an existing home. With so many options — both classic and modern materials — there’s a lot to consider.  

Why Brick

Many modern manufacturers are using traditional styles, delivering a product that homeowners can love for years to come. Among the options on the market, brick provides the most durable, affordable and low maintenance product in the industry.

These are some key areas homeowners should account for when determining which siding options meet your needs: durability, design, maintenance, affordability and safety.


Exterior selection is typically a once-in-a-lifetime decision, making durability a key factor for many. Homeowners should look for an exterior option that is resistant to every element, including rain, wind and even the sun. Brick has a lifetime of protection from all of these elements.


While brick offers a lifetime of protection, it also does well as a painted surface to insure the personalized option for your home. 


Beyond style and color, homeowners are also seeking siding that is low-maintenance, which reduces or eliminates the cost and personal time expended for proper upkeep. Each siding material type has a different level of care and maintenance required. Vinyl typically requires just soap and water for periodic cleaning. Wood and fiber cement need pressure washing every 5 years and need painting every 10 years with more expensive acrylic paint and more expensive labor preparation! Brick requires little to no maintenance ever.  "Brick seems to look better with age!"


Do your homework on the options and secure estimates, then compare them with your budget. Don’t forget that sometimes investing a little more into the project up front may reduce issues and maintenance costs down the road.  


Brick provides the highest wall strength to provide protection against strong winds and debris, including high velocity projectiles.