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Each wall assembly was built with 2x4 studs on 16" center and covered with 1/2" thick wood sheathing and exterior tar paper with fiberglass insulation placed between the studs. The interior walls were covered with drywall and then painted.

The exterior of the wood framed walls was then covered with three different veneer systems vinyl siding, stucco, and clay brick. The walls were located at a horizontal distance of 82ft. from the location of the shooting table. Each wall was then fired upon with each caliber of the rifle selected.

Results of Test

Rifle Vinyl Siding Stucco Siding Clay Brick
.177 Pellet Gun through siding, partially into wood no data available* no data available*
.22 Revolver through wall through wall chipped brick
.25 Automatic through 1 1/2 walls stuck in stucco layer chipped brick
.32 Automatic through both walls stuck in stucco layer no data available*
.223 Remington through both walls through 1st wall and embedded in drywall large hole in brick
.308 Winchester through both walls through both walls large hole in brick
12 Gauge 0 Buckshot through both walls 4 1/2 pellets penetrated through drywall layer chipped brick
.30.06 Springfield through both walls through both walls large hole in brick

*While brick may have been damaged, none of the gunfire completely penetrated through the walls.