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Here's why brick is a good choice for your home

A brick veneer wall system offers the best value in exterior siding over time.

Save On Maintenance
• Brick never needs painting or cleaning.  It doesn't rot, fade, peel or dent.
• Save money on maintenance and avoid headaches by choosing brick.
Save On Heating & Cooling Bills
• Brick is a proven insulator.  It is slow to lose or absorb heat, reducing your heating and cooling bill.
Save On Insurance
• Many insurance companies offer a reduced rate on brick homes.  Ask your agent to compute your potential savings.
Higher Resale Value
• On average, brick homes command at least 6% more than other home styles.  So, when a brick house sells, the return on investment almost always proves to be a wise one.
• Brick provides the highest wall strength to provide protection against strong winds and debris.

Entire subdivisions of siding homes can become unattractive 50 years before subdivisions of brick homes!

Why? Lack of maintenance on side walls! Brick walls require no maintenance. Well ... maybe in 100 years!

Take a look at your subdivision. Ride around and look at the walls!