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Here's why brick is a good choice for your home
A brick veneer wall system offers the best value in exterior siding over time.
Save On Maintenance
• Brick never needs painting or cleaning.  It doesn't rot, fade, peel or dent.
• Save money on maintenance and avoid headaches by choosing brick.
Save On Heating & Cooling Bills
• Brick is a proven insulator.  It is slow to lose or absorb heat, reducing your heating and cooling bill.
Save On Insurance
• Many insurance companies offer a reduced rate on brick homes.  Ask your agent to compute your potential savings.
Higher Resale Value
• On average, brick homes command at least 6% more than other home styles.  So, when a brick house sells, the return on investment almost always proves to be a wise one.
• Brick provides the highest wall strength to provide protection against strong winds and debris.