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Of the 8 types of wall systems that make up 90% of all residential wall systems, the multi-layered approach of brick wall system performed the best for managing moisture and helping prevent mold & mildew.

Brick walls are a natural insulation which means your heat and air conditioner don’t have to work as hard and will keep your house warmer in the winter and colder in the summer. Typical savings could be as much as 8-10%.

Brick homes are approximately 40% quieter than fiber cement homes.

A survey of realtors showed, all things being equal except for the cladding, brick homes sell faster and on average of 10% more. This higher selling price more than covers any initial cost increase.

Brick provides the highest wall strength to provide protection against strong winds and flying debris. 

A brick home in an all-brick subdivision will resale 30-35% higher than a cement siding home in an all-cement siding subdivision.

More Square Footage with Brick

Home appraisal dimensions are measured from outside corner to outside corner in the front and from outside corner in the front to outside corner in the rear! A brick wall is 4 inches thicker than a typical siding wall and that thickness off sets all or most of the additional cost of brick. Approximately 69%

Lower Insurance

Insurance for a brick home is approximately 11% lower on a brick house than on the same size home built out of siding?

No Maintenance Required

Many home buyers have the budget to make the mortgage payment the insurance payment, and the monthly utility payment. Nothing left for wall maintenance, pressure washing, painting, calking. Brick walls require no maintenance or upkeep!

Brick Walls are Bullet Safe

In a test comparing the endurance of vinyl siding, stucco siding, and clay brick, brick out-performed all other exterior options in every category.

Brick & Mortar is made in the USA!

Better Resale Value

Resale on brick houses can be approximately 25-35% quicker than resale on a siding house!

Resale prices on brick houses in some cases can be 25-35% higher than resale prices on siding houses of the same size.